Friday, March 2, 2018

1990 Topps Blank Front Disclaimer Back Error Card #105


I'm not usually real big on error cards.  There are just so many variations that it's near impossible to have anywhere near all of them. But I decided to add this to the Hoard because the Trading Card Data Base added a blank spot for it on Herschel's page on their site.

The error part is that the card fronts were inadvertently left blank; the disclaimer part is because of a lawsuit by Topps against the NFL. The league had, at the time, used Pro Set as it's only authorized trading card manufacturer. 

The disclaimer comes in as a result of a lawsuit which Topps filed against Pro Set cards, which at the time, were the approved trading cards of  the N.F.L.

Just to the right of the football, on the bottom of the card back, is a statement which reads: "Topps Football Player Cards Are Not Manufactured, Sponsored or Authorized By Any Team Or League."

There is also a version of this card with the blank front, but NO disclaimer on the back.

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