Sunday, August 27, 2023

2023 Panini Select Draft Picks-Select Snapshots #SN-14



     I'll stick with 2023 cards for this post.  This is a Panini-Select Draft Picks-Select Snapshots card of Herschel Walker, featuring him in his collegiate uniform. It is a 20 card set of college greats and from what I can tell, has at least five different varieties, including the base card. There is a Black, Gold, Silver and Tie Dye Prizm.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

2023 Panini Legacy #118 Base and Yellow Version

      Here is my first 2023 card of Herschel. It is the Panini Legacy #118



        That is the base version of the set. There are several different color parallels, as is usually the case     with Panini.  Serial numbers vary, but there is black, blue, green, indigo, orange, red, violet and yellow.

        The yellow is the only other variety I've picked up thus far:



          The yellow is numbered to 150, with this example being #117.  I must say it's nice to see Walker featured in his Philadelphia Eagles uniform on a modern- day card.  Obviously, when he played with the Eagles, he appeared in that uniform, however, over the past several years, he has mostly been seen either in his collegiate Georgia Bulldogs uniform, or with the Dallas Cowboys.

Sunday, August 13, 2023

2022 Panini Classics-Transitions T-12 Gold/Purple/Green/Orange

      Some more Herschel Transitions cards, shown in highest to lowest serial numbers.



          I am now just lacking the Red, which is #'d to 50 and the Black, which is a 1 of 1.

Sunday, August 6, 2023

1988 Baseball Card Kingdom Promos #30



          This is another card set that I had no idea existed, until another collector posted the checklist on the TCDB.

           The Baseball Card Kingdom was apparently a very large card store located in Kissimmee, Florida, in the late '80's to mid '90's.  In other words, right in the middle of the sports card boom. I put the address into Google and discovered that in 2023, the location is now a nail salon.

          The front of the #30 card features Herschel Walker when he received his Heisman Trophy in 1982. The card back is an advertisement for the store.

           As stated on the card back, it notes that every time you visit the store, you will be given one of these Promotional advertising cards for free. I would have to think that there's a lot of them floating around out there, however, whenever I've searched, "Herschel Walker" on EBay, I've never seen one pop up.

          When I discovered the set existed, I typed in "Baseball Card Kingdom Herschel Walker" and three or four examples appeared.  I nabbed one for the Hoard, which appears above.

          The back of the card states that 50 cards are in the set, but actually, it is a 53 card set. There are three non numbered cards, two of Michael Jordan and one of Mickey Mantle/Roger Maris.

           It is a multi sport set, with baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and even golf included. Some athletes have more than one card, Jordan for example, has six cards in the set.

           I'm always glad to find a fun and different Walker card for the Hoard.