Saturday, February 29, 2020

1992 Wild Card Series 2 Box Break Here's What Happened.

    Well, I cracked open my box of 1992 Series 2 Wild Card Football cards.   My aim in buying these two boxes (series 1 and 2), was in the hopes of finding a Herschel Walker card that I needed from this set.

     As previously noted, the Wild Card sets contain 6 parallels in both series 1 and 2.  These cards are exactly the same as the base cards, except there are striped "wild cards", which at the time, could be sent in to receive multiples of whatever player you have.

     The striped denominations were: 5 stripe, 10 stripe, 20 stripe, 50 stripe, 100 stripe and 1,000 stripe.   I never really got why anyone would want 1,000 identical cards of the same player, no matter how much you liked him, but whatever.

   Series 2 differed from series 1, in that, there were also insert cards, including, Class Back Attack, Field Force, Red Hot Rookies, Running Wild, and Stat Smashers.

     To add to the confusion, in Field Force, there was also Field Force Silver and Field Force Gold.  There was Running Wild Gold, but not Running Wild Silver.

     The Red Hot Rookies set; Field Force set and Running Wild set also followed the "wild card" striped denomination theme. Meaning you could potentially have in say, the Red Hot Rookies set, 7 cards of the same player. (1 base card and 6 possible striped versions.)

    What I was seeking in Herschel's case, was any of the striped versions in Running Wild or Stat Smashers.  I have the base card of him in each of these insert sets.   I knew it would be a long shot, and it was.  I didn't get any of the cards I needed.  But I didn't pay a lot for the two unopened boxes, and I had fun opening the packs.

    I was able to find Walker's series 2 base card.  Unlike his series 1 card, which showed him with Minnesota, this one features him with the Philadelphia Eagles.

     Here it is:   

I found a few of the higher striped cards as well.   Here's a 20 card of Jim Everett:

A 50 stripe of  Byron Evans:

And a 100 stripe of Charles Davenport:

One neat thing is that two of these cards did not have images uploaded to the Trading Card Data Base, so I was glad to be able to add them there.

I'll reveal some of the insert cards I got tomorrow.

Monday, February 24, 2020

1992 Wild Card Box Break Series 1 Final 11 Packs Opened

     With 11 packs left from my series 1  Wild Card box, I decided to tear them all open and see what I ended up with.

     Part of the reason is that I also acquired a series 2 box and there are more potential cards of Herschel from that series(Running Wild, Field Force and Stat Smasher striped cards) which I'm looking for.

    In any case, after opening the packs, I found just one more striped card:


This is a 10 stripe card of Keith Hamilton.  He played for the Giants his whole career, making one All Pro team.  Unfortunately, he had a lot of legal trouble when his career ended.

Just two wild cards out of an entire box isn't many, but them's the breaks.

I also pulled these Hall of Famers:

The Minister of Defense, Reggie White, along with:

And tremendous cornerback, Aeneas Williams of the Cardinals.

I also pulled the base cards of Emmitt Smith and Thurman Thomas.  I  got their league leader cards in previous pulls.

I'll be breaking open the series 2 box a few packs at a time.  I'll report if I come across any striped cards, and I'll keep it to first ballot hall of famers as far as posting any other cards.

Monday, February 17, 2020

1992 Wild Card Box Break 6 Pack Rip


It's time for another pack rip from my 1992 Wild Card Football Series 1 Box Break.

First the bad news.  I did not get a single striped wild card from this six pack rip.  I'm beginning to think these things are rarer than hen's teeth, at least as far as pulling them from unopened packs are concerned.

However, I did manage to pull 25 cards I needed, as I work toward completing, at least the base set.

From pack #1:

No Hall of Famers, but five cards I needed, in the order pulled:  #'s 217,237, 183, 184 and 172.

From pack #2:

Again, no big names, but #'s 222, 228, 157, 158 and 246.   I notice that these cards are really bricking together, so you have to be careful separating them.  I guess that's common with cards from the '90's.

From pack #3:

#'s 155, 208, 204 and my first HOFer from this rip:

#219, standout defensive end, Cortez Kennedy.  I also got #'s 239 and 227 from this pack.

From pack #4:

Cowboys legend, and HOFer, the playmaker, Michael Irvin, wide receiver.
Along with him, I picked up #'s 209, 229 and 216.

From pack # 5:
This was the best rip of the bunch today. First I got:

#207 HOF kicker, Morten Andersen.  He's only the second pure placekicker to be elected, after Jan Stenerud.

Next I got:

Saints HOF linebacker, Rickey Jackson, and last but not least:

All time rushing leader, Emmitt Smith.  From this last pack, I also pulled cards 182 and 220.

From pack #6:

Unfortunately all duplicates.  I did pull Herschel's #63 card, which I've gotten for the third time.

I now have 197 of the 460 cards in the set.  Look for another '92 Wild Card rip next Monday.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

2018 Panini National Tresures Collegiate #13 Printing Plate Cyan One of One


This is a one of one printing plate of card #13, showing Herschel Walker, from the 2018 Panini National Treasures Collegiate set.

This is the Cyan version of the four plates available.  Black, Yellow, Cyan and Magenta.  

Two of the four, Magenta, and now Cyan, reside in the Herschel Hoard.

I'm very pleased to add this unique item to my collection.

Monday, February 10, 2020

1992 Wild Card Box Break 6 Pack Rip

    The duplicates are coming fast and furious in my latest '92 Wild Card pack rip.   I ripped six packs this morning and nabbed no wild cards and only one Hall of Fame player:

All World offensive lineman, Bruce Matthews.

I now have 171 cards from the 480 card set.   I did get 12 cards today which I didn't already have.  All were commons.  #'s 156, 169, 170, 174, 176, 177, 203, 226, 229, 232, 236 and 238.

I should mention, I did pull a second base card of Herschel Walker.  The image has been previously posted.

Monday, February 3, 2020

1992 Wild Card Box Break 5 Pack Rip


My eighth pack in, I finally pulled a wild card:

A 5 stripe of Darryl Williams, a safety, who was a real stud for Jimmy Johnson's Miami Championship teams, but who was kind of quiet in the pros.   He played for the Cincinnati Bengals and Seattle Seahawks, making All Pro with the latter team in 1997.

The best player I pulled out of pack # 1 was:

Right up there with John Hannah and Orlando Pace as one of the best offensive linemen ever.

Pack # 2 was my weakest rip so far.  No Hall of Famers, the best player is probably:

A pretty solid linebacker for the Eagles.  3 Pro Bowls with Philadelphia and a Super Bowl ring at the end of his career with the Denver Broncos.

Pack # 3's best pull:

Hall of Fame wideout,  Tim Brown of the Oakland Raiders.

Pack # 4's best pull:

This is a blog about Herschel, but teamwise, I've always pulled for the Bills.  This era was when they were really good, just not quite good enough.

Hall of Fame runnng back, Thurman Thomas was a big reason why.

Finally in pack #5, I got another HOFer:

Charley Haley, who had stints with both the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers.  He owns 5 Super Bowl rings.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

2013 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Ultimate Triple Patch #UJ3-JWS


I was able to snag another card in  the 2013 Ultimate Collection  Ultimate Triple Patch series.   This card features material swatches from Bo Jackson, Billy Sims and Herschel.

This is the third card from the subset, which is serial numbered to 25.   There are also three triple patch cards with Herschel, which are numbered to just 15, but I haven't come across any as of yet.