Sunday, October 9, 2022

2022 Panini Gold Standard Golden Records Signatures #GRS-HWA



          Honestly, I was floored when I saw this card on EBay.  Herschel Walker had not been featured in a regular issue card set since 2019.  I was beginning to think that any new examples of Walker on a football card was a thing of the past.

         When I came across this example, I was able to snag it and immediately went about researching the 2022 Panini Gold Standard set.  As Panini is wont to do, there are an incredible number of insert cards, in addition to the base set.  I counted at least 48 individual insert sets.

          This particular subset, the Golden Records Signatures, is an 18 card set featuring players from the past, who hold a certain record. In Herschel's case, he is the only player in NFL history, to have at least 4,000 yards rushing, receiving and returning kickoffs.  All these cards are autographed.  The cards are serial numbered to 10.  The #'s are very hard to see.  They are in the upper left of the card front. This one is #6 of  10.

          From what I could tell on the Cardboard Connection set list, this is the only card Herschel has in the entire set.