Saturday, November 21, 2020

1991 Ace Novelty Co. Herschel Walker Card and Pin #81012


This is the Herschel Walker version of the 1991 Ace Novelty Co.'s trading card and pin.  The card enclosed appears to be a 1991 Pacific #299 of Walker.  Perhaps the two companies had some sort of licensing agreement, or maybe one owned the other, I'm not sure.

The pin has a photo of  Herschel on the front.  There is a pin back on the reverse to allow it to be attached to clothing and in addition, each players stats for that season are engraved on the back of the pin.

I discovered the stats on a loose pin of Walker, that I came across, in addition to this example, which has not been removed from the packaging.   This is the second year of these items put out by the Taiwanese company, Ace Novelty.  1990 was the first year.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

2006 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Material Blue # TOT-60


     I was able to pick up another variation in the 2006 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia,  Tools of the Trade series.   This is the Material Blue card, featuring a swatch of game worn material used by Herschel Walker.

   As can be seen, this card is serial numbered to 50, with this example being # 16 in the set.