Thursday, March 8, 2018

1991 Pro Set Pack Break Card #4

     The fourth card pulled from the 1991 Pro Set Pack is:

The best thing I remember about Bubby Brister is that in 1991, the Steelers were getting their butts handed to them by Houston.  Neil O'Donnell was in at quarterback for Pittsburgh, and coach, Chuck Noll wanted Brister to go in late in the game and take over.

Brister refused, famously saying, "I don't mop up for anybody."  However he did go in for O'Donnell in several future games, and pulled off some 4th quarter comebacks.
That was until new coach, Bill Cowher decided to go with O'Donnell full time.
Brister bounced around the league, then watched O'Donnell throw two interceptions right to Larry Brown of Dallas in Super Bowl XXX, in January, 1996, almost single handedly losing the game for the Steelers.
Brister later played as a backup in Denver, earning two Super Bowl rings.
Karma is a bitch.

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