Saturday, November 23, 2019

2019 Leaf Ultimate Sports Ultimate Memorabilia 8 Silver #U8-12


This is the silver parallel in the 2019 Leaf Ultimate Memorabilia 8 set, for card #U8-12.

That particular card features Herschel Walker, along with seven other Dallas Cowboy greats. Emmitt Smith, Drew Pearson, Bob Lilly, Tony Dorsett, Bob Hayes, Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin.

The silver version is serial numbered to just 2, with this being #1.

The base version, which is #'d to 25, along with the purple(#'d to 12, are already in the Hoard.  There is also a platinum (#'d to 5), a red(#'d to 3) and a gold version(#'d to 1).

Thursday, November 7, 2019

2018 Panini Flawless Canary Yellow Diamond #76


This is a Canary Yellow Diamond card from the 2018 Panini Flawless collection.  There are now 7 of these jeweled cards in the Herschel Hoard.

This baby is serial numbered to just 3, and this is example #3.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Herschel Hoard Seek of the Week

     1996 Pacific  Red  and  Silver  parallels  #298

    I have the base card, and not too long ago picked up the blue, but so far, the red and silver parallels have eluded me.     The back of the card is the same for all cards.