Wednesday, August 23, 2017

2013 Upper Deck Quantum-Immortal Collection Jersey Patches LC-HW

      Just added this example of a 2013 Upper Deck Quantum-Immortal Jersey Patches Collection LC-HW of Herschel.

     This subset of the Immortal Collection is serial numbered to 10, with this card being #10.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

2008 SP Rookie Threads-Legendary Numbers-Jersey Number LN-HW

         I just picked up another insert card in the 2008 SP-Rookie Threads set.  There are 5 different cards in the set, all serial numbered in different amounts.  I have 4 of the 5.  The last one will be tough to acquire, as it's a 1-1, with a total of 15 players in the set.

         In this, the Legendary Numbers-Jersey Numbers set, each card displays a swatch from a game used jersey, which forms the player's uniform numbers.

         This example, showing Herschel's famous #34 is card number 30 out of 34.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Herschel Walker's Basic Training Book

               Herschel Walker's Basic Training was a book that was put out by Herschel,along with Dr. Terry Todd, a former powerlifter., as a fitness guide.  Two editions of the book were printed, the first, shown above, came out in 1985.

              The book outlined three 12 week physical training programs, which included bodyweight exercises, which Walker was famous for, along with weight training, explained in detail by Dr. Todd.

             As can be seen, my copy is well used.  I actually tried the program, and though I'm a far cry from being built like Herschel, it is a pretty effective way to get in shape.

            Below is the second edition of the book, which first appeared in 1989.   Really, the only difference is the cover, which shows Walker, then with the Dallas Cowboys, in a locker room setting.

            These books are long out of print, but they can still be found online, albeit at very high prices.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hooray!! Hoard Milestone Achieved With Card #600

     Take a good look.  This is the card that did it.  A 2006 Leaf Limited Threads Prime card, #122 of Herschel Walker, is the 600th different card in the Herschel Hoard.

     I had no idea what card would get the honor, as I just fill in the blanks in my collection as I find them.  This is a game used jersey swatch card, from when Walker played with Minnesota.  It's serial numbered to 25, with this being the 15th example.

     Now that I've reached the 600 level, does that mean I'll stop collecting Walker cards?  Not at all. It just means the collecting process might get a bit slower.

     Just about every card I need at this point is a short printed, serial numbered version, or an officially issued, autographed version.  Either way, these tend to be fairly pricey.

    Still, something I need comes along now and then at a reasonable price, and I'm still holding out hope that I can snag some cards on my most wanted list.

    Coincidentally, it's exactly two years to the day that I reached the 500 different card milestone. That occurred on August 8th, 2015

Sunday, August 6, 2017

#599 2005 Topps eTopps Classic #ETC50

     This 2005 eTopps Classic card of Herschel puts me just one away from my goal of 600 different Walker cards in the Hoard.
      I snagged this off of EBay for a good price, and it's a welcome addition.