Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Herschel Hoard Reaches Card #800 2006 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads TT-45

    This is the 800th different Herschel Walker card in the Hoard:


The milestone card is a 2006 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads card featuring both Herschel and Daunte Culpepper..  It features a game used swatch from each player and is serial numbered to 30.
This example is #02.

Monday, January 20, 2020

1992 Wild Card Box Break 3 Pack Rip

   I ripped open 3 more packs from the '92 Wild Card box I bought.   No Herschel cards, but I pulled these three, including first, a checklist from the Series 1 set:

The checklist shows that Herschel Walker is card #63 in the set.  The back of the card shows how the mail in redemption for striped cards was supposed to work.

The next card is the #1 surprise redemption card.  You could mail this card in for a "surprise package", though I have no idea what that was, and despite trying to find an answer online, could find no one who redeemed one.

Lastly, the best player pulled from the packs was:

Saturday, January 18, 2020

2005 Topps All-American Gold Chrome #51


This is the Gold Chrome version of Herschel's #51 card in the 2005 Topps All-American set, featuring college greats.

Walker has at least 18 cards in this set, including autographs, refractors, xfractors and super fractors.  Not to mention, printing plates.

I currently have six of those cards in the Hoard, including three autographed.

The gold chrome, like the regular chrome version, is serial numbered to 555, which you'd think would make it easy to find.  However, I have not seen the gold chrome until recently.

Monday, January 13, 2020

1992 Wild Card Box Break Hunting for Herschel Stripe Cards

     I recently purchased a factory sealed box of 1992 Wild Card Series 1 football cards from my buddy Don on EBay. (seller id ewinglex). He's a recommended seller, especially for cards of this era.

     I got some Herschel Walker Wild Cards from him before, which I have previously posted about.  He had a full box available, so I thought it would be fun to pick it up, and see if I could get lucky and pull a Herschel card that I might not have in the Hoard.

    The Wild Card companies gimmick, which I've also previously discussed, never took off, and the company soon went out of business. However, single player and team collectors still hunt them, especially the striped "wild cards".

     Most feel the 1,000 stripes are the hardest to locate, but that wasn't the case with me in regard to Herschel Walker.  I found two of his 1,000 cards fairly quickly on the secondary market, but I am missing several of his lower numbered striped cards, especially in the subsets, such as Stat Smashers and Running Wild.

     Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to crack a pack a week and see what I find.  So every Monday, I will reveal what I found in that week's pack.

      Here is how the box looked before opening:

         Here is the first single pack I opened:

       From this pack, I found no striped cards.  Most were common players, with  Darrell Green and Steve Atwater being the most famous players of the base cards, save for one.

       That player is:

      Check back to see what I find in pack # 2, Monday, January 20th, 2020.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

2019 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Collegiate Diamond Ticket #41


I was able to add another card from this series to the Hoard.  This example is the Diamond parallel from the 2019 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Collegiate set.

This parallel is numbered to just 15.  This is card #2 in the run.

Monday, December 30, 2019

1989 Collegiate Collection Georgia # 80 Herschel Walker Front/Back Variation


I came across this card on EBay.   The unusual thing about it is that in the checklist for this set, the 1989 Collegiate Collection, Georgia Bulldogs, # 80 is listed as Anderson Johnson, a quarterback.

But Johnson's card is actually an uncorrected error:

As you see, the picture on the front is still Herschel, yet the name on the card front is Anderson Johnson.  Further, the stats on the reverse are Johnson's.

I don't know if the original # 80 in the set was supposed to be Walker's or Anderson's.

Herschel has four other cards in the set, #'s 9, 49, 178 and 195, each is already in the Hoard.

I brought this card image to the TCDB guys, and they have now listed it as an official variation.

I'm glad to add this card to the Herschel Hoard.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

1992 Wild Card Bonanza! (and a top ten most wanted, found!)

     The Wild Card sets of the early '90's are some of the toughest for a single player collector to find.  It was a gimmick set that used "stripe" denominations off the base card, such as 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or even 1,000.

    I guess the idea was that if you pulled a denomination card, you could go to your local card shop(remember them?) and trade it for as many Wild Card trading cards as the denomination you had.

     In any case, the idea never caught on, and the Wild Card company soon went out of business.  Like many cards of that era, they didn't hold a lot of value.  However, if you collect cards of a particular player, some of the denominations and varieties can be almost impossible to find.

     Along with the different denominations, there are subsets off the base set, such as Running Wild, Force Field and Stat Smashers.  Further, among those, there are gold and silver parallels.

    Recently I was fortunate to hit upon a lode of '92 Herschel Walker Wild Cards that until now, were blank spaces at the Herschel Hoard.

     Here is what I got:  The first is one on my top ten most wanted cards list.

     1. 1992 Wild Card Field Force  10 Stripe

1992 Wild Card Field Force 20 Stripe

1992 Wild Card Field Force Silver 10 Stripe

1992 Wild Card Field Force Silver 20 Stripe

1992 Wild Card Field Force Silver 5 Stripe

I've been collecting Herschel Walker cards a long time, and to pick up as many of these at once is a rare find.   Happy Collecting!