Saturday, December 19, 2020

1991 Sports Educational Magazine Uncut Sheet #'s 19-27


  These cards were featured in a type of educational workbook for students.  A couple of Texas educators came up with the it.  The idea was to have students go through the steps of building a professional football team, including drafting players.  These cards were placed in the centerfold of the magazine as examples of players who could be selected.  There were two such uncut sheets, with 9 players each placed in each workbook.

     Herschel shares his uncut sheet with Joe Montana, Ty Detmer, Dan Marino, Blair Thomas, Raghib Ismail, Jerry Rice, Randall Cunningham and Jim Kelly.

     Both the uncut sheet and the individual cards are listed on the Trading Card Data Base.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

1988 Topps Stickers #34 Variation Roger Craig on Back


     This is a variation of Herschel Walker's 1988 Topps Sticker set that I have tried to find for a long time. It's the one that features Roger Craig of the San Francisco 49ers on the reverse.  These sticker cards have many variations.

     One side is a peel off sticker of a particular player, the other side has a cardboard card image of a different player, with the word Super Star at the top.  So far, I have found four different versions of the Herschel Walker stickers.  I honestly don't know how many are out there.