Sunday, December 31, 2017

Herschel Hoard Seek of the Week 12/31/17

2006 Donruss Gridiron Gear Performers Red  #14

Other than the Performers Jersey Combos Prime Autographs; which is a 1-1 card; this is the only card I'm lacking from this series.   I'll keep my eyes peeled, and hopefully, will someday add it to the Hoard.  The image is courtesy of

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Monarch Corona Rookie All Stars #5

     Monarch Corona is an interesting card set.  I was unfamiliar with them, but a google search led me to a great card blog entitled, "Can't Have Too Many Cards".  There I learned that Monarch Corona were lithograph cards, printed in limited edition, by a printer named Jim Miller Jr.

      There was a link to the Monarch Corona on the blog, but when I went to the site, sadly it said that no more sports cards were being printed; and that the entire inventory was  sold to a couple of EBay dealers.

     One of those, is a fellow named, Jim Milo. His site is called Grouchy Old Man Baseball Cards.
It's from Jim that I purchased the above Herschel Walker card.   I have seen a few other cards from this set; I know there is a Dan Marino #8; a Tony Dorsett #9, a Warren Moon #11, and a Lee Roy Selmon #15.

     I had hoped that a checklist might be available, but when I contacted Jim,  he did not have a checklist, nor did he know exactly how many cards were made.  Without a checklist, I can't enter it into the Trading Card Database,  but it's still a nice card to add to the Hoard.

     It appears they took the design for the obverse of the card from the 1961 Topps Baseball set.   Here's a Sandy Koufax card for comparison:
  The little trophy representing All Star Rookies is a different design, but you can see where the idea may have originated, as shown on the 1965 Topps Dick Allen card, below:
   The Koufax and Allen card images are both courtesy of

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Herschel Hoard Seek of the Week 12/24/17

     2008 Upper Deck Icons  N.F.L Legends Gold Die Cut  #LEG-10

     I have the base card in this set, as well as the silver and blue die cut; but so far, the gold die cut version has eluded me.   So, I remain in pursuit.

     The card image above is courtesy of

Friday, December 22, 2017

A Pair of 2005 Donruss Significant Signatures

    I picked up two more examples of the 2005 Donruss Significant Signatures set for the Herschel Hoard.

     First is the Bronze:

     That card is serial numbered to 100, with this being #21.

     Next is the Silver:

     This card is number 3, out of a run of 75.   Welcome to both cards as they join the Hoard.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

1997 Stadium Club First Day Issue #138

          As I've noted previously, I'm always glad to add a card to the Hoard from Herschel's active playing days, that I don't already have.
           In this case, it's a 1997 Stadium Club First Day Issue #138.   The picture is the same on each variation, but there are slight differences from the base card.  You can see the words "First Day Issue", just above Walker's name on the front of this example.
          It really makes my day when a card like this pops up for sale.  The fact that you don't see them all that often; and that this one was reasonably priced, was a real find.
          Another parallel I'm seeking from this set is the Herschel card from the "One of a Kind" series.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Herschel Hoard Seek of the Week 12/17/17

          1997 Score Team Platinum  # 13

           These red bordered parallels of the '97 Score set, are not at all easy to track down.  Yet another variation that I was completely unaware of until a short time ago.  Card image courtesy of

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Herschel Hoard Seek of the Week 12/10/17

2010 Classics Timeless Tributes Silver #223

     For a long time, the Trading Card Database did not have any cards listed of Herschel Walker for the year, 2010.  Then one time when I was checking out COMC,  this card was listed in their sold out section.

     I contacted the good folks at the TCDB, and sent visual evidence of the card; and they created an empty space for it.   I would love to fill that space, and add this card to the Hoard.

                                                                          card image is courtesy of

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2013 Upper Deck Ultimate Quad Jersey #UJ4-CJSW

     Picked up a nice Upper Deck Ultimate Quad Jersey card of Herschel, with 3 other star running backs.  There is a jersey swatch from each player.  In this particular case, Walker shares the card with Earl Campbell, Bo Jackson and Billy Sims.

     This is a 10 card set; and Herschel Walker is actually in the set on three different cards. Besides this example, he is on a card with Barry Sanders, Bo and Earl; and also with Barry, Billy and Bo.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Herschel Hoard Seek of the Week 1 Day Late 12/4/17

1992 Wild Card Stat Smashers 100 Stripe  #SS50

     I got busy Sunday and forgot to post my Herschel, Seek of the Week card, so here it is on Monday.  The higher striped cards are a lot harder to find in both the Stat Smashers, and Field Force subsets, than the regular set.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

2006 Press Pass Legends Legendary Legacy Autographs 2 versions

   Here are two versions of the 2006 Press Pass Legend  Legendary Legacy series, featuring Herschel Walker autographs.  The first is the regular blue ink variety; the second is the red ink version.  Both cards are serial numbered to 300.  The blue autograph is 73 of 300; the red autograph is 203 of 300.
   Welcome both of you, to the Herschel Hoard.