Saturday, November 26, 2022

2005 Topps All American Chrome Refractor #51



          This 2005 Topps All American Chrome Refractor card, features Herschel Walker and is the latest acquisition to join the Hoard.  This series is numbered to 55, with this example being #53.  The serial number can be seen on the card reverse, on the right edge, superimposed over the cartoon.  Also on the reverse, above the #51 in the football, is the word "Refractor".

     This set has a lot of variations.  There is a base card, a regular autographed card and a refractor autographed card. The rest can basically be broken down into two categories.  Chrome or Gold Chrome.  Within that, is a Chrome Refractor card(pictured above) and a Gold Chrome Refractor card. There is also a Chrome X Factor card and a Gold Chrome X Factor card.  The latter is already in the Hoard.

     There are 10 unfilled spaces for varieties of this set, which have yet to be added to the TCDB. Of those, 9 are One of One's, mostly Printing Plates.  There is one 1-5 card still out there, that would be the Chrome X Factor card.  This is a confusing set, to say the least.

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