Sunday, December 18, 2022

Why Does Panini Make Things Difficult For Single Player Collectors?

        As Panini currently has the NFL license, they are whose cards you have to purchase, if you want modern football card sets.

        Many collectors dislike the plethora of parallel and insert cards(some base sets have upwards of 400 insert sets), but what I dislike is the fact that the checklists are often incomplete, or worse, just plain wrong.

        I use the Trading Card Database as my go to for card information.  It is a member driven site, in which the members do 99% of the work.  These guys have way more knowledge than I do, regarding both sports cards and general computer use.

       For a long time now, there have been no 2020 or 2021 cards of Herschel Walker, listed on the site.  I just assumed he didn't have any cards issued in those years.  I have discovered that he does have cards from those years, mostly in the Collegiate sets, but that Panini makes their checklists so hard to navigate, that it's nearly impossible to upload a proper checklist.

      Here is what a long time member on the site had to say about Panini and their checklists:


     I have recently gotten ahold of some 2022 cards of Walker and will be posting them in the near future.  It's one thing when there are so many cards of a certain player that you'll never collect them all, but it's another when you don't even know what is potentially available.

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