Friday, November 4, 2022

2022 Panini National Treasures Collegiate #19 Base + Parallels

      After being left out of the 2020 and 2021 Panini sets, Herschel Walker makes a return in the 2022 National Treasures Collegiate set.  This is a 40 card set of college greats.  The base cards are numbered to #99, while the parallels are in the following runs:  Blue-#'d to 75; Silver-#'d to 39; Gold-#'d to 10; Silver-#'d to 5 and Platinum, which is a One of One.  There are also four Printing Plates available, again in 1-1 runs.

     Because the back of the base card and the various parallels are all the same and for the fact that I was able to acquire them within a short period of time, I decided to show them all in one post.  So to begin, here his Walker's base card in the set.



      As mentioned, the reverse is the same on all of them, so I will only show the obverse going forward.

     Here is the Blue, which is numbered to #75


     Next is the Silver parallel.


     Then comes the Gold version:


     And finally, at least to this point, is the Emerald version, which is #'d to just  5.


     So I'm glad to be able to check off several cards from the latest set to feature Herschel.  Who knows? Maybe someday a printing plate will pop up for sale and not be too crazy expensive. Of course, I have  uploaded these images to the Trading Card Database.

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