Friday, April 15, 2022

2006 Leaf Limited Silver Spotlight #122



          To be honest, when I saw this card pop up on EBay, I wasn't sure if it was already in the Hoard or not.  A quick check revealed that, not only wasn't it in my collection, but it didn't have an image uploaded on TCDB. That made it a no brainer purchase for me.

          The 2006 Leaf Limited Spotlight series has a base card and 4 parallels. Bronze Spotlight(# to 50); Silver Spotlight(# to 25); Gold Spotlight(# to 10) and Platinum Spotlight(1 of 1).

           The serial number is easy to spot on these cards.  It's right in the middle of the card back.  The base card, the Bronze and now the Silver are in the Hoard.  Who knows, maybe someday I can add the Gold, if not the one of one Platinum.

          This card is the 861st different Herschel Walker card in the Hoard.

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