Friday, April 1, 2022

1992 Wild Card Field Force Gold 100 Stripe #21




     This could easily been a top ten, most wanted card, for the Hoard.  The reason it wasn't is that there are so many of these Wild Card stripe cards that I don't own, there are too many to list under the most wanted sidebar.

     For anyone unfamiliar with Wild Card Football cards in 1992, there were two full base sets, with 460 cards in each set. There were several insert sets as well.  In Walker's case, he was shown in three of these insert sets. Running Wild,  Stat Smashers and Field Force.

     Furthermore, as in the base set, striped cards were available, in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 1,000. The higher denominations were supposed to be more difficult to find, however in Walker's case, I haven't always found that to be true, on the secondary market.

     In any event, I discovered that the striped cards in the insert sets are much harder to locate than in the base sets.  I have all the base striped cards in the Hoard, but am missing several of the striped cards for the insert sets.

      The above card is one such example.  It is a 100 stripe, Wild Card Field Force Gold card. There is also a Field Force Silver edition.  The horizontal lines on the left of the card front are gold colored here and obviously silver colored in the Silver set.

     I had one of my most interesting bidding experiences for this card since I've been collecting.  On EBay, the same seller offered this card, as well as two 1,000 stripe cards for Walker, in both Field Force Gold and Silver.

     I already had a 1,000 stripe Stat Smashers card in the Hoard, so I bid what I though was a pretty high amount on both examples.  Imagine my surprise when I was outbid in minutes! I have been outbid many times at the end of an auction, but never that early in one.  I wanted the cards, but had no intention of going any higher. Someone really wanted these 1,000 stripe cards!

     I placed a bid in the $40 range for the card seen here and no one else bid and I got it.  The same guy outbid me on both the other cards, with no one else bidding.  I'm sure he ended up paying more than he wanted, but he ponied up and I hope he enjoys them.

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