Tuesday, March 17, 2020

1988 Topps Box Bottom Panels #I-L

    First I'd like to take a minute to comment on what is going on around the globe.  The Covid-19 coronavirus is the worst pandemic since the 1918 Spanish Influenza outbreak.

    The world has slowed to a crawl in an effort to promote social distancing as a means to slow the spread of the virus.  At the Herschel Hoard, the thoughts are with those currently suffering from the virus; the families of those who have died from it and all affected, which of course, is everyone..

    With that said, things have been slow here at the Hoard as well.  Not much has come up that I don't already have, but I was able to snag something recently, which, not only didn't I have, but wasn't shown in the Trading Card Database.

     Here is a 1988 Topps Box Bottom Panel #I-L:


     These 4 card, uncut panels were on the bottom of Topps boxes in 1988.   There are four of these 5" by 7" panels in the set.  A-D, E-H, I-L, M-P. 

      The cards feature players which won a major collegiate trophy, such as the Heisman, Outland or Lombardi.  The photo on the front is the player in their, then current, professional team uniform.

     Herschel Walker shares his card with fellow Heisman winners, Jim Plunkett and Charles White; as well as Outland Trophy winners: Randy White and Jim Ritcher, as well as Lombardi Trophy receipients, Brad Budde , Bruce Clark and Dave Rimington.

     I'm very pleased to be able to add this card to the Hoard, as well as uploading the image to the TCDB.

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