Monday, February 17, 2020

1992 Wild Card Box Break 6 Pack Rip


It's time for another pack rip from my 1992 Wild Card Football Series 1 Box Break.

First the bad news.  I did not get a single striped wild card from this six pack rip.  I'm beginning to think these things are rarer than hen's teeth, at least as far as pulling them from unopened packs are concerned.

However, I did manage to pull 25 cards I needed, as I work toward completing, at least the base set.

From pack #1:

No Hall of Famers, but five cards I needed, in the order pulled:  #'s 217,237, 183, 184 and 172.

From pack #2:

Again, no big names, but #'s 222, 228, 157, 158 and 246.   I notice that these cards are really bricking together, so you have to be careful separating them.  I guess that's common with cards from the '90's.

From pack #3:

#'s 155, 208, 204 and my first HOFer from this rip:

#219, standout defensive end, Cortez Kennedy.  I also got #'s 239 and 227 from this pack.

From pack #4:

Cowboys legend, and HOFer, the playmaker, Michael Irvin, wide receiver.
Along with him, I picked up #'s 209, 229 and 216.

From pack # 5:
This was the best rip of the bunch today. First I got:

#207 HOF kicker, Morten Andersen.  He's only the second pure placekicker to be elected, after Jan Stenerud.

Next I got:

Saints HOF linebacker, Rickey Jackson, and last but not least:

All time rushing leader, Emmitt Smith.  From this last pack, I also pulled cards 182 and 220.

From pack #6:

Unfortunately all duplicates.  I did pull Herschel's #63 card, which I've gotten for the third time.

I now have 197 of the 460 cards in the set.  Look for another '92 Wild Card rip next Monday.

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