Friday, October 25, 2019

2012 Upper Deck Exquisite - Legacy Bookmark Jersey Autographs #ELBM6 Bo Jackson/Herschel Walker


This is a high end card from the 2012 Upper Deck Exquisite Legacy Bookmark line.  The card, or cards really, has four sides and opens up like a little book.

Above is what you'd see as the front cover if it was closed.  As can be seen, it features both Bo Jackson and Herschel on the cover.  You can also see that it's serial numbered to just 10, with this example being #2.

When the card is opened up, both players autographs and jersey swatches are revealed:

Finally, on the back cover, we have this:

I was always a big fan of Bo as well as Herschel, so I am pleased to be able to add this fancy card of two Heisman winners to the Herschel Hoard.

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