Wednesday, October 16, 2019

1988 Topps Box Bottoms Checklist Letter P


I'm really not big on checklists at the Hoard,  but because this card features a photo of Herschel Walker and Dave Rimington,  I decided to post it.

There were 15 different box bottom cards,  not including the checklist, which featured two players of the era on one card.  Herschel and Nebraska legendary center, Dave Rimington can be seen on the checklist front, in the second row, third card down.

The checklists are not numbered, but are lettered.   The "P" in this example can be seen in the top left corner of the card back.

I have the two player card in the Hoard already,  but I am seeking what is known as a box bottom panels card of Walker.  This was a four card set.  Herschel is shown along with Rimington, Jim Plunkett, Randy White, Charles White, Jim Ritcher, Brad Budde and Bruce Clark.

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