Friday, June 29, 2018

You Gotta Say No Every Once in a While!

     There is a Herschel Walker card on EBay right now.   It's an autographed card that I don't have in my collection.  There is no image of it on the TCDB.  I would sure like to bid on it.

      But instead, I just deleted it from my watch list.   Someone bid on it immediately and the price has skyrocketed, with four days to go.

     Now I have probably paid more for a single card, than what the final price will turn out to be, and it would be easy for me to put in a real high bid, just to increase my chances of getting the card, but I'm not,  and I feel good about that.

      I'm certainly not saying that this card is not worth the final bid, or anything negative about the seller, from whom I've purchased cards before, but this time, I'm walking away.

       It's easy to go hog wild in any area of collecting.   Sometimes you have to take a breath, and think if you really want to go ahead with a purchase.  In this instance, I'll hold off.

          Happy Collecting!

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