Tuesday, June 26, 2018

2004 Playoff Honors Alma Mater Materials #AM-35 Herschel Walker/Shaun Alexander


A bit of a back story on this one.  As followers of this blog know, I am trying to fill in as many blank spaces for Herschel cards on the Trading Card Data Base as I can.

This particular card was missing from the site for a long time. I check in from time to time, to see if any new spaces for cards show up.  Another member beat me to it as far as uploading a scan of the front of this card,  but he didn't upload the back.

I didn't have this card in my collection,  so when one became available, I jumped on it.  I uploaded a scan of the reverse to the TCDB, and show both front and back here.

The card features Herschel in his Georgia uniform, along with Alabama's Shaun Alexander, and features a game worn jersey swatch from each player.  The other example of 2004 Alma Mater Materials shows Walker by himself, and also comes with a jersey swatch.

The card is serial numbered to 100, with this example being #2.

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