Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Single Player Collector's Dilemma

     Readers of this blog know that my collection is tied in closely with the Herschel Walker page at the Trading Card Data Base.  I've uploaded 682 out of a currently possible 937 cards. Of course, that 937 number can go up, as new sets are made that include Herschel; and occasionally, a set that has been around a long time, but hasn't been added to the database, pops up.

    Such was the case with a new blank space for a 1986 Sports Illustrated Poster Test Sticker #4286, that showed up recently.

     The problem for single player collector's, is that once your collection is past the beginning stages, it's fairly easy to buy a card you already own.  The Sports Illustrated sticker sounded familiar and a quick check of ebay showed the Herschel card in question, albeit graded, and for a pricey $200.

    I decided to pull out my original Herschel card binder, and go through it again.  I have the cards in chronological order, for the most part, but some odd shaped, and over sized cards are in the back.

     Lo and behold, I came across the test sticker in question, already in my possession.


The back of the card is blank.  Now I doubt that I'd pony up $200 for this card, graded or not, but the message is, when you see a potential  need for your collection, take a minute and make sure you're not buying something you don't already own.

I should note that many collectors don't mind, and actually seek out duplicates, but I have enough trouble trying to keep my one of's straight.


Billy Kingsley said...

I started keeping track of my collection on paper in 1998 because of not knowing what I had. I can't remember what cards were involved anymore but I remember that I was debating two cards at a card show and I chose the wrong one, it turned out that I had the one I chose and didn't have the one I left. Since then I've pretty much always known if I had something, even if I wasn't exactly sure where it was at any given time.

Dave Bancroft said...

Be a lot tougher for you Billy, with as many cards as you have in your collection. Still, it doesn't happen too often that I double up.