Tuesday, February 20, 2018

2012 Upper Deck #25

     This is a base card which I thought I had in my collection, but was surprised to find that I did not.  I've probably uploaded 95% of the Herschel Walker images on the Trading Card Database, and of the other 5% that other collectors have uploaded, I usually already have that card.

      Sometimes though, one falls through the cracks.  That was the case with this 2012 Upper Deck #25. Sure is nice to make a card purchase that doesn't feel like I'm taking out a mortgage on my house.

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RaiderNation75 said...

Congrats on #652. I am currently at 608 unique Howie Long items. Thanks for adding a link to my website. Currently they have added 189 different cards in 2017, most by far in any year. They keep making new cards I will catch you sooner than later. Love the adds to the HOARD. I keep checking back every so often.