Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Things Aren't Always What They Seem

     I learned a lesson today.  Sometimes you want something so bad, your mind molds the image you see into what you wish it to be, rather than what it is.  A mirage, so to speak.

     For a long time here at the Herschel Hoard; I've been trying to acquire a 1994 Upper Deck Electric Gold #262 card of Herschel Walker.  The Electric Silver version is already in my collection.

    A few days ago, I came across the card below on EBay.  This was the image I saw on the seller's page.

     Boy, that "electric" in script at the bottom sure looked gold in color to me.  Now I can't blame the seller at all.  The card was clearly advertised as the Electric Silver version.  The price was reasonable, and  the sales page said "only 1 left in stock".  I messaged the seller to ask about the actual coloring of the lettering, but I never heard back.  Could this be the elusive gold card, just mislabeled?

    I kept hearing that "only 1 left" over and over again, and as it was under a $5 purchase, I took a chance and pulled the trigger on it.

      Here is the card that I received today:
     That one sure looks a lot more silver to me.  Now again,  I'm not blaming the seller at all. Certainly there was no intent to deceive.  As I indicated, it was clearly marked silver, and I took the chance.  Just a reminder to me to be more diligent in the future. 

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