Sunday, March 24, 2024

Some Recent Additions to the Hoard

      Usually, I make a post about a new Herschel Walker card as soon as I get it, but I've gotten behind and thought I'd show some I've accumulated on my way to 1,000 different Walker cards.(currently 990)

     1.2022 Panini Contenders Gladiators Platinum #GLD-HWA


     This card is serial numbered to 10, with this example being #9. Serial # is on right card front.

          2022 Panini Mosiac-Mosiac Green Swirl #236:

          This card is serial numbered to 11. This is #6, which is shown on top left of card back.
          2022 Panini Mosiac-Mosiac Orange Fluorescent #236:
          This card is serial numbered to 25. This example is #17, shown on top left of card back.

          2022 Panini Mosiac-Mosiac Blue Fluorescent #236:
          As with the previous example, this card's serial number can be found on upper left of card back. However, the Blue Fluorescent's are numbered to 15, with this being #3 in the run.

     2023 Panini Legacy Violet #118:


          From 2023, I'll start with the Violet Parallel in the Legacy set. These are numbered to 10 and this example is # 10. It is shown on right card front.

          2023 Panini Prizm Draft Picks #43:

          This is the base card for Walker in the 2023 Panini Prizm Draft Picks set.

          2023 Panini Prizm Draft Picks-Prizms Blue #43:
     This parallel is numbered to 199. this is 130, shown on bottom of card back in the black area.

           2023 Panini Prizm Draft Picks- Prizms Snakeskin #43:


            These "snakeskin" parallels are not serial numbered, but they are short printed.  
     More Walker cards will be coming, of course. This just give me a chance to clear out my backlog and show some cards I haven't got a chance to upload until now.


Angus said...

Hitting 1000 different soon? That's awesome!

Not sure if I like the Panini Legacy card best, with the green strip behind him, or the Snakeskin Prizm, which makes for an interesting frame of the photo.

Dave Bancroft said...

Thanks,Angus. Yes, It's hard to believe I'm closing in on 1,000 different cards in my Herschel Walker PC. The way Panini spits them out, there's certainly no shortage of cards to chase.