Tuesday, October 26, 2021

1991 Ultra #202 Large Logo Variation

       One of the members of the TCDB recently discovered that the 1991 Ultra set had a previously undiscovered variation.  The NFLPA logo, which contains a football, shown on the reverse of the cards, comes in two sizes.  The front of the card is the same in both cases.  Here is the front of Herschel Walker's card:     

         Now here is the reverse with the larger logo, which I recently added to the Hoard:


     Notice the size of the football in the logo in the upper left.  Now here is the other version, showing the smaller size football:     

     As can be seen, the football in the second example's logo is much smaller.  Though not confirmed, it appears that each card in the 300 card set comes in both sizes.

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