Thursday, April 1, 2021

1994 Collector's Choice Spanish Box Break Part 1

      I decided to spend some of my stimulus money.   One of my top ten most wanted Herschel Walker cards is a 1994 Collector's Choice Spanish #149.  This card is exactly the same as the English base version, except for the fact that the type is in Spanish.

       After searching for the individual card with no success, I bid on a box of unopened packs, but was outbid on EBay.   When a second box came up, I put it on my watchlist.  A day or two later, under similar items you have searched for, a box appeared with a buy it now price.

     It was about $20 more than what the original box sold for, but I said, "What the heck", and bought it.

  Here's what I received:   

    My plan is to crack it open this weekend.  If I am lucky enough to snag Herschel's card right away, I may resell the other unopened packs.

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