Sunday, April 4, 2021

1994 Collector's Choice Spanish #149 (Another Top Ten Most Wanted Card is Snagged)


The blurb on the back of this card, "No running back in the NFL had more receptions in 1993 than Walker", which was then translated into Spanish, is the only difference between this 1994 Collector's Choice Spanish card of Herschel's and his regular #149 Collector's Choice issue.
Despite that fact, this is a relatively difficult parallel to locate. In my prior two blog posts, I mentioned how I finally decided to buy an unopened box of the cards when one became available and rip open some packs in order to try and find the elusive card.

I was lucky enough to do so on the second pack and I will put the remaining unopened packs up for sale on EBay.

It's always nice to check off one of the Hoard's top ten most wanted cards and as can be seen, a new candidate, 1997 Stadium Club Pro Bowl #138,  has replaced this one.  Coincidentally, this is the 850th different Herschel Walker card in the Hoard.

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