Saturday, June 1, 2019

1988 Topps Superstars Sticker Backs #44 Herschel's Variations in the Set

   Here is what the front of Herschel Walker's #44 card looks like in the 1988 Topps Superstars Sticker Backs set: 

     I have the following different backs as shown:

                                                             Doug Cosbie, Rulon Jones
                                                             Jerome Brown, Warren Moon

                                                Super Bowl XXII,  #2 Upper Left. (4 different cards made up an image
                                   taken from Super Bowl XXII, Washington vs Denver.)


                                                      Bobby Futrell, Johnny Hector


                                                     Robert Awalt,  Tim Krumrie


                                                        Jim Arnold,  Vann McElroy


                                                                    Carl  Banks


                                                                Mark Bavarro

                      These are currently what I have in the Hoard.  I'm sure there are other varieties out there.  I know there is a Roger Craig Superstar back card, with Herschel as the sticker.  When I first got these cards, I was unaware that there were so many different ones.


Angus said...

One of the fronts that I have for this back is different. It has 28/280 Vai Sikahema/Harry Newsome on the front. I'll put it aside for you with the other sticker.

Dave Bancroft said...

Thank you Angus, I appreciate it.