Friday, June 14, 2019

1988 Topps Super Star Sticker Back Update (Thanks to Dawg Day Cards)

     Angus from Dawg Day Cards, helped me out with two more sticker back cards of Herschel Walker, which I am pleased to add to the Herschel Hoard.   First, here is the #43 version.

The stickers on this variation show running back, Joe Cribbs, then with the San Francisco 49ers and Troy Stradford, a running back with the Miami Dolphins.  I didn't know that Stradford was named Offensive Rookie of the Year that season.

The #44 card I received from Angus was:

These stickers are of Vai Sikahema, a running back/kick returner for the Phoenix Cardinals.  He hailed from Tonga.
Also shown is Harry Newsome, a punter for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Many thanks to Angus for these, and be sure and check out Dawg Day Cards, a great blog featuring Cleveland Browns cards, plus many others.

I was also fortunate to pick up these '88 Topps Stickerback Variations as well.  First:

A #43 card, with stickers of Chuck Long and Cornelius Bennett.  Long had a great college career at Iowa, barely losing the Heisman Trophy to Bo Jackson, but he didn't do much in the pros.  Bennett was a terrific linebacker for the Bills, one of the very best of that era, once you take Lawrence Taylor out of the equation.  A domestic violence issue in his post playing days,sadly marred his reputation.

I also nabbed this #44 Foil version:

This card features Kenny Easley, safety extraordinaire, for the Seattle Seahawks, and Charles White, then with the L.A. Rams.  White was a Heisman winner in college, and was drafted by the Cleveland Browns, but drug issues plagued him during his time in the NFL.

There are probably more varieties of #'s 43 and #44 out there.  I'll continue to keep my eyes peeled.


Angus said...

Glad they got there safely.

I'm really curious to see how many variants you find. Not that we will know exactly how many are out there.

Dave Bancroft said...

So true. I can’t believe TCDB will list a space for each version.

Angus said...

Yeah, not how I would do it for the checklists.