Wednesday, October 3, 2018

2018 Panini National Treasures #33 One of One


I picked this up on EBay at a good price.  It looks to be a legitimate one of one card of Herschel Walker.  It's basically a one off of this card:

This is the "Emerald" example of the base card, which is serial numbered to 5.

The patch on the front is ripped, which probably explains the price.  Admittedly, the eye appeal of the top card is not great, but I'll take it.


Angus said...

It's definitely legit. It's one of the printing plates for the bottom card. Nice pick up.

Dave Bancroft said...

Hi Angus, Thanks. Nice to hear from you. I check in to Dawg Day Cards now and then, but it looked as if it hadn't been updated in awhile.

Angus said...

Yeah, I've been really lazy. I should post something soon. I'm heading to a card show on the weekend. Hopefully I'll post something after the show.