Sunday, May 12, 2024

2006 Upper Deck Legends-Signature Generations #SG-WPW Card#999




          A terrific, multi-player autographed card, featuring Herschel Walker, Willie Parker and DeAngelo Williams; makes the cut as card #999 in the Hoard.

          This is a tough to find, 2006 Upper Deck Legends-Signature Generations card. These are serial numbered to just five. This example is #1. The serial number is almost impossible to see in this scan, however, it is located on the card front, inside the football at the bottom.

          I have decided that, since I want card #1,000 to be special, I will not post anymore Herschel cards to the Hoard, until I can acquire one of my top ten most wanted.  This may take a few days, or it might take years, one just doesn't know.

          So, the Herschel Hoard will be on a self-induced hiatus. There are still plenty of Herschel cards out there I can collect, such as the never ending, Panini parallels and I won't go on record as saying I won't pick some up. However, those won't be shown here as card #1,000.

          Wish me luck and happy collecting to all!


Angus said...

Always great to get a card numbered out of 5. Very nice!

I can't wait to see what you get for card 1000.

Angus said...

Oh, and, good luck!