Sunday, May 14, 2023

2022 Panini Transitions/Gladiators/Legendary Contenders Base Cards

      Here are three different base cards from the 2022 Panini Football line, featuring Herschel Walker.

     First, the Transitions card:



      These cards symbolize a player's transition from one team to another, in Walker's case, from Dallas to Minnesota.  Several parallels exist in this set.

          Next is the Gladiators set:



          Again, there are several variations within this set.

            Finally, we have the Legendary Contenders set:



         Like the previous two sets, there are a lot of cards to collect, including serial numbers from 99 to one of ones.

1 comment:

Angus said...

Oh, I like that Transitions card. I hadn't seen or heard of that insert.

Darn, just looked at the checklist, no Browns cards in it.