Friday, April 14, 2023

2022 Panini Mosiac-Mosiac Gold/Mosiac Choice Black Gold

                I'm posting two Panini  Mosiac cards together here, to illustrate how Mosiac cards can be very similar, yet different, at the same time.  First, is the 2022 Panini Mosiac Gold card:



    As can be seen on the card back, these are serial numbered to 10.  This one is #6.  Now, for the Mosiac Choice Black Gold edition:



          The Choice Black Gold cards only have a serial run of eight.  This is card #7 in the set.  So two Mosiac Gold cards, but two completely different cards.

          You have to be careful if you buy Panini's on the secondary market, because often, sellers will just list either one of these two cards as "Mosiac Gold", when they are completely different cards.

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