Sunday, March 6, 2022

Picture Perfect The Game of Famous Faces Herschel Walker



     At first, I wasn't sure if I was going to add this card to the Hoard, but as it is from a licensed game set, I decided to.  This is Herschel Walker's game card from the 1998 Picture Perfect  The Game of Famous Faces, board game, manufactured by the Lang Gang Inc.  

     There were 400 different celebrity face cards in each game, from the world of sports, entertainment, history, etc.  Though I've never owned the game, it seems similar to the previously blogged about, Celebrity Guessing Game, in which you try to identify someone famous from their, in this case, drawn image.

    There is currently no space for this card at the TCDB.  It would take someone creating a checklist of the 400 cards available in order for that to occur.  If that does happen, I'll upload the card image.

     As can be seen, these cards are unnumbered.  Like I've mentioned before, the only cards I really try to stay away from on the Hoard, are unlicensed, custom cards.  Seeing as how this game was trademarked, I feel the card is a legitimate addition to the Hoard.

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