Monday, December 30, 2019

1989 Collegiate Collection Georgia # 80 Herschel Walker Front/Back Variation


I came across this card on EBay.   The unusual thing about it is that in the checklist for this set, the 1989 Collegiate Collection, Georgia Bulldogs, # 80 is listed as Anderson Johnson, a quarterback.

But Johnson's card is actually an uncorrected error:

As you see, the picture on the front is still Herschel, yet the name on the card front is Anderson Johnson.  Further, the stats on the reverse are Johnson's.

I don't know if the original # 80 in the set was supposed to be Walker's or Anderson's.

Herschel has four other cards in the set, #'s 9, 49, 178 and 195, each is already in the Hoard.

I brought this card image to the TCDB guys, and they have now listed it as an official variation.

I'm glad to add this card to the Herschel Hoard.

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