Friday, June 16, 2017

1991 Upper Deck Hologram Variations

  1991 Upper Deck Football, as well as baseball, had some variations as far as the hologram on the reverse of the card.
   I recently added two of these variant cards to the Herschel Hoard.

   I'll use the 1991 Upper Deck #99 card as an example. The front is the same on all versions.

     What follows is the most common reverse:
     Here is a close up of the hologram:
        Now here is the reverse of a #99 card with a different hologram;
      Notice the diamond like design. Though they say 1991,  these cards were actually made in 1992, as there is a small '92 inside the diamond.   These are much harder to find than the first type.  Here's another close up.
     I was able to pick up a #99 card, as well as a #346 Upper Deck card of Herschel, both with the harder to find, diamond hologram.  That's #'s 593 and 594, as far as total cards go.

     There is also a version which has a 1990 hologram.  I have been unable to locate any of these as yet.  Here is a close up of that hologram:
     I'll keep my eyes open, and hopefully will come across this example in the future.

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